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From: Mark Jeanes - Money Mind Growth
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Congratulations on making the smartest decision you could make today, and giving The Psychology Of Habits the chance it deserves to make your life more meaningful, happier and much more effective. The Psychology Of Habits has everything you need to get you started on the path towards a changed you.

However many of my best customers are a lot like me—they are a tad impatient, and they want every possible method of achieving even better results, and achieving them faster.

That’s why I composed this letter for you. Please read it very carefully.

Everybody has some idea of what habits are, and they understand that habits form over time through repetition. The problem is that most people don’t fully grasp the concept that habits are running most of their lives.

They don’t understand that 95% of the thoughts they have today, are the same ones they had yesterday, and the day before that.

That’s why I have to let you in on the most amazing methods of changing habits I’ve ever found. I call it “The Easiest Way To Change A Habit!"

Formulated using cutting edge neuroscience from MIT researchers and from two professors of psychology, this inexpensive formula, can be applied to any habit that you want to change or create, giving you the tools to make profound life improvements… Easily…  all without ever leaving your home… and for just a small one time investment.

Making The Decision To Change And Making Change Happen Can Be Hard Enough…

And It Can Feel Almost Impossible Once You Start Self Sabotaging

As silly as it sounds, you aren’t always in control of your life, you set off to do one thing and then this little voice inside your head makes you do something completely different despite the fact that this something else isn’t effective for your desired outcomes.

You plan to go to the gym after work, but instead you find yourself on the couch eating chocolate. You tell yourself you’ll drink tea instead of coffee from now on, but the very next morning you realize you’re already half finished your first cup of java. Things like this should make you a bit more than frustrated… and that’s why I want something much better for you.

That’s why I’ve put together this remarkable science backed process for creating real lasting change in your life and to give my readers a one-time-only-offer a chance to try this for yourself… BEFORE Self Sabotage takes it away from you.

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Introducing The Psychology Of Habits - Your Easiest Way To Change A Habit!

Now You Can Effortlessly Increase Your Effectiveness, Turn Bad Habits Into Good Habits

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…PLUS Feel Your Life As Being Much More Meaningful…

“Brilliant and easy-to-follow. The instructor is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to. More importantly, this course provides specific insights into how to change and build new habits. Highly recommended.” – Amanda Young

“The principles of habits are pretty simple, yet powerful. Mark includes lots of invaluable tips and tricks for habit change, I had so many moments throughout the course where it was like “Duh… why didn’t I think of that…”  I found the last lesson very interesting when he explains how thoughts and feelings create one another on an endless cycle. It’s definitely worth a watch… I will be re-watching it again soon to pick up the bits that I might have missed.” - Kim J

“Great program, some of the more interesting takeaways for me, were as follows:  1) learning the process to change my habits using real examples  2) Understanding more about willpower and things I can do to get more. 3) Getting clearer reasons for wanting to change habits and writing them down.  I certainly recommend taking this course.” – Gerard Borg

Simply start by watching your first video… Watch it on your computer, your tablet or watch it on your phone.

Nothing could be easier.

Each video goes for less than 30mins. I suggest you make sure you have a pad & paper handy to jot down the points that are of interest to you. Also so can you can jot down which bits you’re going to start using right away to change your first habit.

Here’s What You Can Expect To Gain From The Psychology Of Habits Training Course

After the first 30 minutes You’ll Know…
By the time you watch the first lesson you’ll understand exactly what a habit is and why you have been designed to create them. You’ll realize just much of your daily actions and your daily thoughts are running off sets of old programs. You’ll also discover the neurological habit cycle and how it works for you.

Within The Next 30-60 Minutes You’ll Become Aware Of…
The most commonly reported key takeaway from lesson 2, is your ability to identify your own habit cycle, without feeling stressed or rushed. When you watch lesson 2 you’ll get to know your own habit cycle and the easy process of changing any one of your habits by using this step by step system.

After 90 Minutes You’ll Experience…
Calm, greater confidence and what I call “Efficiency thinking”. “Efficiency thinking” simply means that, while you understand that change can create unexpected situations, you know you’ll continue to make the right decisions to keep you progressing forward… Fast and efficiently.        

After 120 Minutes You’ll Notice…
How your emotions have a direct effect on your willpower and self control. You’ll begin to realize that the more willpower and the more self control you have the more easier habit change becomes. In lesson 4, you’ll watch as I uncover how you can strengthen your willpower, and you’ll discover how to more effectively use your self control so it doesn’t run out on you. The Psychology Of Habits gives you the knowledge that produces the peaceful feelings, that you might have been missing out on, while actually helping you get more done in your day.

After 150 Minutes You’ll Be Ready…
Once you have finished watching all 5 lessons from The Psychology Of Habits you’ll be ready to tackle any habit you can think of… You’ll be ready to go head to head with even the most stubborn of your habits. In Lesson 5, you’ll become aware of the AMAZING chemistry lab that’s inside your head and you'll learn how you can use your chemistry lab to create any feelings you want, when you want. You’ll also discover the psychology of FLOW… And how you can create flow in your life right now…You’ll realize that the more you can be in flow, the more happier your life will be.

Once You Complete This Training, You’ll Benefit From…

  • You’ll gain a deep knowledge base on how your brain works when it comes to habits
  • You’ll learn the power of starting small, starting easy
  • You’ll realize how much time you are currently wasting and how you can get that time back
  • You’ll discover a proven step by step method for changing habits
  • You’ll know how to turn anything you do, into a flow experience
  • You’ll gain more time in your life by eliminating bad habits
  • You’ll know how to create any habit you like, which is perfect for completing all those boring things you have to do
  • You’ll learn which habits will have the greatest impact on your life
  • You’ll become more conscious of all your actions
  • You’ll be happier
  • + much much more…

And Yes: Any Habit Can Be Changed Using This Powerfully Simple Method 
(Plus When Using Your New Increased Willpower & Self Control Change Becomes Effortless)

To understand your own habits, you’ll need to identify each of the 3 parts of your habit cycle.

Once you have identified the habit cycle of a particular behavior, you are then able to change old vices with new more effective routines.This is also how new habits are formed, all you need to do is put together your own habit cycle.

Once you have diagnosed your habit cycle, you can begin to alter your behavior.

A habit is just a set of instructions that has been wired into your brain, these habits are just instructions that your brain follows once a habit cycle has been activated.

You probably don't yet know how to consciously change these instructions, meaning that if you can't, you'll be stuck repeating old habits over and over again.

Because Your Life’s Results Are At Stake, 
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The Psychology Of Habits 

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Just let us know within 2 months if you’re not completely satisfied and you’ll get every cent back!

So Act Right Now So You Too Can Experience Results Like These People Are Seeing And
Feeling Every Day…

“Really interesting, this course has changed my view on time. I went from having no free time a day to having lots of time to do things I choose to do, just by noticing what I’m doing more often.
I have been able to snap myself “awake” and question my actions. “What am I doing?” and  “Why am I doing this” have been common questions.” – Melissa K

“The course gives some nice and simple points, which are very effective. I have only watched the first two lessons so far and have already been able implement changes to my routines…  
I’ve always wanted to do meditation but had always stopped after the first day or two.  
After taking what I’ve learnt so far I’ve been able to mediate every morning for 5 days. Which is a BIG deal for me.” – Ray Marline

“Thanks Mark! What an eye opening course. The content is comprehensive, informative and practically implementable. The concepts seem simple enough but I’m starting to realize just how powerful it would be if you were to implement all the things from these lessons.
I especially liked the “start off small” and “change your language patterns” pieces of advice.”
Antonia P

You now know my most precious success and happiness secret. I share this ONLY with my most valuable readers, and with the folks I most want to join me in becoming even more awesome than you already are. 

Heads will turn, your results will dramatically improve, your smile will show on your face more often… As feelings of stress, frustration and feeling like there is a lack of time disappear...

Yours In Success,

P.S Everybody needs an edge when it comes to changing your life for the better. Many people I know get desperate and consider expensive life changes, such as moving to a new city, getting a new job and even having an affair… Until they find out that all they needed to do was look inward and change their psychology around habits

Then… they relax and enjoy the benefits of being in control, feeling happier AND gaining more time…WITHOUT any side effects, outrageous costs, or some radical change regimen no one I know would ever follow.

The answer, thanks to the dedication of some very smart, awesome researchers I told you about earlier. Dedicated to relieving your stress and enhancing your life. This research is now just one simple click away from being in your hands.

When you get this program in your hands now i'll send you The Psychology Of Habits download link within seconds after you order. 

And soon you’ll experience greater joy and more confidence. You'll also experience the “efficiency thinking” I told you about earlier by the time you complete watching the first few lessons. Once you complete the rest of the course, you’ll be changing all of your bad habits into good habits… It’s that simple.

Just realize that this is the only time you will ever see this offer. I simply have to limit it to the people out there who want the edge over their friends, and who crave to be as effective as you can be...